Friday, January 7, 2011


Bobby Jameson version of "The Weight"

Arranged by Ben Benay
Ben Benay rhythm guitar
Jerry Scheff bass
Red Rhodes steel guitar
James Burton dobro
Toxi French drums
Bobby Jameson piano and vocal
Written by Bobby Jameson
Fred Borkgren engineer
Produced by Steve Clark
Recorded in 1968 at Harmony Recorders Hollywood

The entire Working album was cut live by me doing the vocals to my own piano accompaniment. All the other instruments were added after the fact.

The reason I did this was to insure that how I actually played these songs live was how the album would end up sounding. When I tried to record with the musicians their meter was always different than mine.

I fought to play it the way I played it instead of changing it to fit the way they played it. Because they were more perfectionistic than I was, regarding tempo, I decided to do it my way or not at all.

It is a strange way to make a record, but in the end Working has a feel to it that is basically live, because of this decision by me to do it the way I did.


  1. Bobby, saw my grandpa's name on your page, Bob Ross. We met a few years bck on the Sunset Strip. Holler if you want to get in touch.

  2. Dave I need an email...or you can find me on facebook.. Thanks, Bobby