Saturday, January 8, 2011


(left to right) Toxi French, Steve Clark, Fred Borkgren, Jerry Scheff 1968

above right corner Sid Feller....................above lower right corner Bob Ross

Jerry Scheff.........Mike Hendersen........Mike Deasey

In 1968 Jerry Scheff and James Burton met for the first time at Bob Ross's Harmony Recorders in hollywood during the recording of Bobby Jameson's WORKING album. Impressed by Scheff's bass playing and down to earth demeanor, Burton's immediate choice for a bass player, when asked to assemble a Las Vegas show band for Elvis Presley, was Jerry.

Below are 2 songs not on the album Working, but recorded at those sessions in 1968

Arranged by Sid Feller

"If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody"

Arranged by Mike Hendersen

Strings and horns
Ray Kelley
Israel Baker
Bobby Bruce
Roy Catron
Harold Dickrow
Jesse Ehrlich
Nathan Gershman
Jerry Grant
Jim Horn
Richard Hyde
Armond Kaproff
Bill Krudsch
Leonard Malarsky
Ollie Mitchell
Tibor Zelig
Toxi French drums
Jerry Scheff bass
Bobby Jameson piano and vocal
Produced by Steve Clark
Fred Borkgren engineer
Recorded at Harmony Recorders in Hollywood

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